The shack

The shack is a spare room in my appartment, which is in the middle of a three story building. At the moment, unfortunately, placing antennas is not allowed (yet).


the kenwood TS-700G is an All mode 2m transceiver putting out about 10Watts on SSB. Its an old fashioned analog brick, which is easy to repair or modify, very robust and a pleasure for the eye (in my opinion)


The RS9044 was manufactured by Radio System of Sweden as car phone base station and can be modified to work in the 70cm band. This transceiver was converted to 70cm by PE4WJ. I completed some of the details and am now using it as my 70cm base station. Its FM only and can put about 25Watts into the air.

In the shack I have a 19" equipment cabinet which was surplus at a company data center. In this rack I mounted the RS9044, a HP digital voltmeter and a frequency counter. furthermore I have my ethernet switch in there. There is also some computer equipment inside the rack.



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